*The scale difficulty

Physical difficult; 1-easy , 2-medium , 3-hard

Tehnical difficult; 1-easy , 2-medium , 3-hard

1.Pakoštane - Biograd - Pašman - Biograd - Pakoštane

Difficult*2/2-biking distance 30 km / 19 mi. & 420 Hm / 1.380 ft. altitude difference

 one week bike tour 2nd day

The first bike trip takes us at first along a gravel road in the direction of Crvena Luka before arriving at Biograd – the City of Kings. It is not far from there to the ferry to Pašman Island. Already on the crossing, we have a beautiful view of the harbour of Tkon. Having arrived on Pašman, we follow at first the coastal road before turning onto a gravel road taking us steadily up to the Jacob’s Peak. Our efforts are rewarded by a wonderful view across 50 islands. After lunch, we return on asphalt roads to Tkon. We arrive in Pakoštane in the late afternoon.

2.Pakoštane - Vrana-Kamenjak – Nature park Vrana lake - Pakoštane

Difficult *2/1-biking distance 46 km / 29 mi. & 560 Hm / 1.840 ft. altitude difference

 one week 3rd day vrana kamenjak

This bike trip takes us first along an asphalt road towards Vrana. By a dirt road, we finally reach the Kamenjak lookout point opening onto a great view across Lake Vrana – Croatia’s largest lake and the resting place for many migrating birds – and the sea right behind it. After a lunch break, a technically demanding trail leads us through a canyon directly to the Lake Vrana Nature Park. Here, we can take a refreshing dip before returning to Pakoštane in the afternoon.

3.Vodice - Okit - Tribunj - Vodice

Difficult 3/3-biking distance 32 km / 20 mi. & 440 Hm / 1.445 ft. altitude difference)

 one week 4th day vodice

Transfer bus  take us to Vodice, a lively tourist town that nevertheless has retained its medieval charm. From here, we follow our guide on demanding single trails on which, among other things, the annual Croatia xco Cup,UCI Class2, a MBT race known well beyond Croatia’s borders, takes place. After ca. 10 km, the road takes us inland and up to the peak of Mt. Okit. Here stands the church of Mary-Mother of Carmel, which is visible from afar. Then we continue downhill on gravel tracks, past many olive groves, to Tribunj, a small wine-growing community. From there, a transfer takes us back to Pakoštane

4. Karin - Kruševo - Ribnica - Karin

Difficult *3/2-biking distance 24 km / 15 mi. & 700 Hm / 2.300 ft. altitude difference)

one week 5th day karin 

Transfer bus takes us in the morning to Karin, today’s starting point. On the programme today is the exploration of a beautiful region where mountains and sea come together. The reward for the long ascent is the fabulous view onto the Velebit Mountains, the island of Pag, and the town of Zadar. The interesting descent takes us along winding field tracks and finally brings us back to the starting point. We should not miss a refreshing swim after the tour – so pack your swimming gear! On the way back in the afternoon, we have enough time to discover Zadar’s interesting historical centre and its three-thousand-year-old history.

5.Obrovac  – Tulove grede – Sv.Rok – Obrovac

Difficult *3/1-biking distance 56 km / 35 mi. & 1550 Hm / 5.085 ft. altitude difference)

one week bike tour 6th day 

This programme makes us face the greatest challenge of our biking tours, we drive with the transfer vehicle as far as the small town of Obrovac at the Zrmanja River. After a short stretch of asphalt road, we turn and begin the 20 km-long-ascent. Arriving at an elevation of 1100 meters, we treat ourself to a well-deserved break with a great view onto continental and Mediterranean Croatia. The fresh mountain air will be pleasantly cool during the descent, and the next trails lead us along wooded paths into the milder regions of the Velebit Mountains and finally back to Obrovac. Late in the afternoon, we return tired but happy to Pakoštane.

6. Kaštel Žegarski – Golubići-Muškovci – Kaštel Žegarski

Difficult*3/2-(biking distance 34 km / 21 mi. & 800 Hm / 2.625 ft. altitude difference

 one week bike tour 7th day

 We begins with a transfer ride to Kaštel Žegarski. From there, we bicycle to the Krupa Monastery located at the foot of the Velebit Mountains at the Krupa River. We then continue on through the pristine countryside of the Velebit Nature Park. We take a short break near the village of Golubić, with a view of the canyon formed by the Krnyeza River. We soon reach a gravel trail and enjoy the downhill ride to Muškovci, where we cross the bridge across the Zrmanja River. For the afternoon, we recommend, as a special highlight, a rafting trip on the Zrmanja River, which we gladly organize for you (not included in the tour price).



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